Global Modular Replacement System
The GMRS system is designed to meet the unique needs of patients who require reconstruction of large segmental defects for tumors, failed previous arthoplasty or trauma.

Osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer and it generally affects young people under the age of twenty five. Twenty years ago, the standard treatment was amputation of the affected limb and the 5 years survival rate was less than 20 percent. Today modular replacement and advances in chemotherapy and radiation have revolutionized treatment allowing most patients to be treated with limb- sparing surgery resulting in a 5 year survival rate approaching 80%.

Rotating hinge Knee implant components help patients resume active lives because they are modeled after the natural knee joint. Treating an osteosacroma requires removing bone with the tumor and replacing the bone with prosthesis Global Modular replacement System replaces bone on a modular, as needed basis in the hip, femur, knee and tibia.

GMRS offers an advanced, Flexible modular system to patients who suffers complex cases involving extreme bone loss due to cancer, trauma or the need for complex revision surgery and offers solution that can help retain quality of life for patients who require radical bone resection.

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